Since Christ’s church was born, believers have articulated the faith once for all delivered to the saints (Jude 3), often to confront errors and heresies that arose, but always to restate the truth of God’s Word in simple terms to remove doubt and confusion in every generation. The need for such a confession is as great today as ever.

In 1689, Baptist ministers in London, England prayerfully and faithfully crafted a comprehensive confession of faith, standing in a long tradition of such works. The confession clearly states that it is not God-breathed Scripture and does not contend with God’s Word. Rather, the confession summarizes and clarifies key doctrines plainly taught in both Testaments. Although it’s an ancient document, the truths it teaches are as relevant as ever for the church today.

A 1689 Baptist is an attempt to share a cup of cool water with anyone who thirsts for Christ’s righteousness. The title acknowledges the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith as the fullest flower of Christian confessions extant. We never want to superimpose onto Scripture any uninspired writings, but the 1689 is a faithful summary of important Bible teachings.

The posts are primarily expositional studies of Scripture with devotional observations and applications for the reader’s benefit, drawing from the well of wisdom and knowledge found in the 1689 Confession and other historical resources with a view to edify the body of Christ and a hope to find people in San Antonio who hunger for an exposition of God’s Word in light of His infinite grace.

You may find the full confession online at: http://www.1689.com/confession.html

I invite you to journey with me in this examination and discovery of God’s Word.

By grace, I am

Dr. Chris Mills,

A 1689 Baptist in San Antonio, Texas